Our Story

For as long as I can remember, I've been a Witch. And I've been afraid.

Afraid of what you may ask? I sincerely hope that whenever you are reading this, that not a single reason comes to mind. 

For years I wondered and imagined, I held myself back from interests based on societal norms or honestly just thinking I couldn’t do it. This was witchcraft, Wicca, art school, design, herbalism, spirituality. 

I let my surroundings in way too far, and allowed myself to be swallowed whole by a very small but very dangerous part of our world.

I started Eye of Newt to set an example that you can believe, practice, love, admire, or learn absolutely anything, and that no one else should be allowed to dictate your happiness.

Eye of Newt is not a typical handmade soap and bath shop; we use ancient herbs to bring out both Magickal and medicinal intent that we shape into each and every product. We make products that create inspiration. Because inspiration is something that every walk of life needs sometimes. No matter what you believe.